Advertisements of the 50's

Click on the LINKS below - see if you can remember those adverts

Addis Brushes
Benedict Peas
Black and White Whiskey
B.O.A.C and B.E.A Airlines
British Electricity
Capstan Navy Cut Cigarettes
Carr's Biscuits
Coalite Fuel
Cossor Electronics
Costain Builders
Cow & Gate Baby Products
Craven A Cigarettes
Creda Cookers
Crompton Bulbs
Curtis Gin
Cussons Imperial Leather Soap
Dunlop Rubber
English Electric
Ferguson Tractors
Ford Motor Company
Girling Brakes
Haig Whiskey
Heinz 57 Varieties
His Master's Voice
Hoover Appliances
Kayser Bondor Stockings
Lloyds Bank
Macleans Toothpaste
Manfield Shoes
Marconi Electronics
National Benzole
National Savings
Nuffield Cars
Number Seven Cigarettes
Outspan Oranges
Prestige Cutlery
Punch Magazine
Ronson Lighters
Rootes Cars
Shell B.P.
Standard Cars
State Express Cigarettes
Thomas Ward & Co. Ltd.
Vat 69 Whiskey

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