School Move

On September 11th, Centre assembled in the Central Secondary School, Orchard Lane.  So much painting, whitewashing, renovating and reconditioning had been done during the summer holidays that those of us who had helped to remove "stock" from Holly Street during our last week there were amazed and delighted at the transformation.  As the term has progressed we have been increasingly grateful to be in one building which meets our requirements with the exception of gymnasium, which is taken in the Y.M.C.A., Fargate.

Hot dinners are cooked each day by Miss Stubbs and her helpers, all of whom are most willing to do their best for us.  For those students who bring a cold lunch, provision is made in another room.

A pleasing feature has been the readiness with which the various Forms set out to make their form rooms representative of themselves.  Carefully-chosen vases filled with flowers are to be seen in all the rooms which lend themselves to floral decoration.  Good use has been made of the notice boards and in the corridors too, one is constantly made to pause before some arresting and unique poster reminding one of a forthcoming fixture of one of the numerous School societies.

We had not been in our "new" School very long before Councillor Bennett, the Chairman of our Governors, who also presided at the School Concert, came in to see for himself how we were accommodated.  We very much appreciated this real interest, especially as his tour of the School was made when he was in great physical pain.  The news of his sudden death on returning from a meeting shortly afterwards, saddened us all.

Mr. Meetham was present at the funeral but we wish to pay this additional tribute and to express our sympathy with his relatives.