S.P.T.C. 1933 -  July 3rd / 4th
School Camp at Sandsend near Whitby

01 Winnie Scholey - 02 Vera Kirk - 03 M. Scott - Seated Dorothy Bentley

Camping at Sandsend

This Whitsun was notable for the first Centre Camp for girls, which it is to be hoped will become an annual event.  At the Principal's suggestion, a barn, used by the Federation of University women for their summer Camps for Schoolgirls, was selected for the site.  The situation was ideal, very close to the sea, and giving adequate protection in case of bad weather.

Fortunately the protection in case of bad weather was unnecessary, as the weather was excellent, a heat-wave for the first five days, and then to give variety, a sea fret and rather windy weather

The Barn Camp is very well equipped and the Centre camp profited greatly by the forethought and experience of the previous occupants of the barn.

The campers arrived on the Saturday before Whitsun.  They travelled by bus and had a very pleasant journey over the Yorkshire moors.

Palliasse making was the initiation into camp life, experienced campers and guides giving good advice.  Some of the results were peculiar in shape but apparently proved comfortable.

The camp work was done by six groups, each doing a different job and changing to another every day.  The work was got through very quickly, the groups vying with each other as to the thoroughness of their work.  Some people showed great talent over the digging of grease pits, cleaning pans and bowls and spring cleaning the sleeping barn.  One very cheerful group held a sing-song whilst peeling potatoes.

The days were spent exploring the beach and the surrounding country, swimming and sun-bathing, and playing games.  There were two picnics;  one to Runswick Bay, which is reached after a delightful walk along the cliffs;  another to Whitby where the Abbey was visited and the old town explored.  After supper each evening, the six groups took it in turn to give entertainments, surprising and varied talents were brought to light.

Mr. and Mrs. Meetham, visited the camp several times, and Miss Beedle and Mr Cawton were very welcome visitors, too.

A sports meeting was held, and though no athletic records were broken, owing to the softness of the sand - the course had to be moved several times - great amusement was caused by the competitors.  Mrs. Meetham presented everyone with a prize on the principle that if one did not win a race one deserved a prize just as much for losing it well.

Many snapshots were taken and the results have been very good.

The last morning was very busy, everyone was turned out of bed in good time, for the barns had to be left in good order for the summer campers.  The bus arrived and the mountain of luggage coaxed into place, the travellers packed in and the return journey started.

It is to be hoped that the thirty-five campers will become enthusiastic advocates of a healthy outdoor life, and by their example and keenness spread abroad the joys of camping and open air holidays.

01 Mary Bevan - 02 Dorothy Bentley

01 Joyce Lomas - 02 Dorothy Bentley - 03 Mary Bevan

01 Dorothy Bentley

01 Dorothy Bentley

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