Written in 1918


There's a quaint little place in a spot far from sweet,
It's right in the town in a dirty old street,
But inside you will find that it's tidy and neat -
 It's the "Centre."

There are girls who are sober and girls who are gay,
And some of them work and a few of them play,
But they're all dressed alike in neat pinnies of grey
 At the "Centre."

On dark winter mornings when all is so cold
We rush down to town - out of bed we've just rolled.
If we're two minutes late, "Do detention" we're told
 At the "Centre."

Each day when we labour through some sort of test,
What we knew of the subject all seems to "go west"
But though knowledge is lacking, we all do our best
 At the "Centre."

 Gladys Crookes