Memories of Evelyn Hammond as remebered by her son Bruce Burton.

The SPTC badge above was kindly donated to our archives by Evelyn's son Dr. Bruce Burton. Evelyn was born on May 6th. 1914 and died in 1999. Her attendance at SPTC was from 1924/25 to 1929/30.

Bruce recalls that Evelyn's experiences at the school were not all happy ones. She came from a relatively poor background and was economically disadvantaged compared to the majority of what would now be called middle class pupils at the school. It is believed that Evelyn was selected for the SPTC through a scholarship or assistance scheme.

Children of that age can be cruelly unkind and she was ridiculed by some for her home made uniform. As Dorothy Bentley has recalled elsewhere :-

"For girls, it was necessary to have "Overalls". These were coat like garments made of made a grey cotton material. I think a shop for purchase of the material, must have been stipulated, and there must have been a pattern, for we all turned up in a very similar garment, coat shaped with long sleeves and a self belt, and white collar and cuffs which we had to sew on, newly laundered, midweek and at weekends, though one of my friends had collar and cuffs made of some rubbery material. We had deep hems in preparation for our growth during the years at Centre, and we were told by our Headmaster that we wore them to prevent people from appearing in silks and satins. They were a great leveler."

Bruce recalls that Evelyn had a friend at school called Nellie Meadows and was taught by Miss Foster, Mr. Taylor and Mr Goodfellow.