OBITUARY The Holly Leaf (April 65)

Miss Constance Ada Renshaw B.A. who died aged 73 on May 30th. 1964 at 57 Bingham Park Road, Sheffield was a member of staff at the Sheffield Pupil Teacher Centre from 1917 to 1937.

Though the students of today may not even know the name of Miss Renshaw yet forty years ago her forceful personality was making an impact on the school.

She was a woman of many gifts: she had published several volumes of poems which received high praise from men eminent in the world of letters; she had artistic ability, was a musician of considerable skill and, in her younger days, was a keen cricketer whose bowling caused many to tremble.
Through her forced retirement in 1937, due to illness, the school lost a brilliant teacher one who passed on her own love of literature and the magic of words to her pupils.
For many years she fought gallantly against physical disability and even after a very serious operation in 1963 her indomitable spirit prevailed, and on her return home she faced unceasing pain with great fortitude.During her long stay in hospital she was greatly cheered by visits from former students, all eager to acknowledge their debt to her.
Miss M. Dixon

Miss Constance A. Renshaw retired in 1937 - ARTICLE