City Grammar School
Message from Marcus Davidson - June 2006


All those who took part in the 1951 Speech Day which led to the subsequent recording in the Victoria Hall of the melodies performed on that evening, can now obtain a CD copy of the performances.  I acquired a special computer audio programme for one of my computers and have been able to remove most of the typical "hiss" of old 78 rpm recordings of that era, together with any "clicks" etc. It means it takes '50's technology into the 21st Century.   Who was there could ever forget the majesty of the Choral Society's rendering of "The Easter Hymn" from Mascagni's "Cavalleria Rusticana"?  The late Malcolm Fanthom's voice is clearly identifiable among the tenors.

The 1950 intake First Formers singing "The Evening Prayer" from Humperdinck's "Hansel and Gretal" with forms 1P and 1R taking the alto harmony with forms 1Q and 1S handling the treble - magic!

And the Third Form girls' lovely singing of Hahn's "Si Mes Vers Avaient Des Ailes".  Again, Malcolm Fanthom's delicate piano playing is evocative of that lovely man.  Impress your family and heirs with what we did 55 years ago!  So for anyone interested in obtaining a copy of this masterpiece, the CD, art work, packing and recorded delivery postage is available for the princely sum of £2 to cover costs.

Just one thing: I really would prefer anyone wanting this jewel to call me preferably, rather than just e-mail an order.  That's because I'm what's known as a "slave to nostalgia" and would love to chat briefly with anyone who was around  there at that time.  Telephone 01280 813100.

Marcus R Davidson

To listen to a recording of the above please click on the link below :-

City Grammar 51 Choral Recording Victoria Hall Concert